We, the Founders, 

believing that excellence, cooperation, and mutual understanding can be established and attained by uniting ourselves into one body; that we can help another and can promote our common welfare; that we can exemplify proper financial education; that we can contribute our optimism, share in achieving the objectives for which the organization stands and which to be fully achieved with the establishment of a lawful basis, 

do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution



20-22 Wenlock Road,
London, England, N1 7GU

Company number: 12457643

The name of the organization shall be The Matrix Club.

The Official Website of the Club is:

The Official Group Page in Facebook is:

The Official YouTube Channel is:

The Official Telegram channel is: The Matrix Club

The Official Messenger:

The Official emails are: (something)

The Official Skype Username is:

The Official Instagram page is:


Section 1.



The Matrix Club is an invitation-only club for financial trading enthusiasts. Together we learn the principles of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial mathematics, money management, trading psychology and everything that has to do with the world of trading.

Members who do not want to take an active part in the events are also welcome.


Section 2.



The Club is teaching live how to trade. 

Trading will be done on the Club Account by the Club Treasury, not a Demo Account but a Real account. 

In order to participate in the Club Educational Activities, participation in the Club trading account is required, with a deposit of € 1,000 (plus € 25 admin fee). The duration of the deposit is one year and is automatically extended by 1 year without prior notice (in the case of absence of different communication at least 30 days before the end of the year


Section 3.



The statistically planned profit (the “Interest”) is 6% p.a. On the top of the profit from trading, since this is a private club (no MLM or structural sales), all members benefit from the growth of the club with a “Bonus”. Please note that Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Section 4.



The more members we have, the better conditions we have with the bank and we can share them with our members. Therefore, in addition to the deposit profit (the “Interest”), the member receives a “Monthly Bonus” depending on the growth of the members in the Club.


50% of this Monthly Bonus is distributed to the members as Available Bonus (Bonus Account).

  • This money can be withdrawn or used to buy other Club services or activities.


The additional 50% are booked into the Compound Account (Re-Deposit Account). 

  • With the Compound account, we ensure that there is a continuous growth of the Club, even if no new members are joining. The Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit, or in other words, interest on interest. It is the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously accumulated interest.


This bonus is automatically allocated by the system. At the end of each month, the system automatically calculates this bonus and pays the members between the 20th and 25th of the following month. 


Section 5.



The calculation is based on a member growth for 2020 to 4,000 members, with a deposit of one Thousand € each. With these figures, our experts foresee a monthly bonus of 0.10% to 0.80% of the club's total deposit capital. The distribution of the bonus depends on the seniority of the membership.


Section 6.



The membership depends on the seniority of the member, according the date of club joining, generating the following categories:


  •  Trailblazer Member
  •  Supporter Member
  •  Contributing Member
  •  Associate Member
  •  Regular Member

For more information about the membership, please refer to the Article IV.


Section 7.



The club intends to launch new products based on the financial analysis of other markets. 

New Clubs can be opened on a geographical base, as well as a personal or business or common interests relationships network. Accordingly, each member can promote his own club upon request, qualification and approval by the Matrix Club. A basic requirement for a new Club opening is the indication of the Trailblazers and Supporters potential members.

Of course, the New Club Founder (the Sponsor) will be the most senior in his own Club.




The mission of The Matrix Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop Financial trading skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. 

In order to carry out this purpose, this club shall: 

  • Help its individual members improve their abilities to trade effectively 
  • Provide for its individual members’ instructions, educational materials and opportunities which will give them skill and experience in the preparation and delivery of successful trading activity
  • Encourage its individual members to think analytically 
  • Provide for its individual members’ fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self-improvement 
  • Afford financial trading  training for its individual members 
  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for its individual members to become able to talk about finance in a credible way
  • Trade the funds of The Club in an open and transparent way, sharing the profits of the trading between the Club and the Club members. The way of profit sharing will be attached in a separate Addendum.




The organization will be composed of enthusiasts about financial trading, Foreign Exchange market, Commodities, Futures, Index, Contract for Difference Markets, interested in Technical and Fundamental analysis, ready, willing and able to attend courses organized by the Club for its members and to contribute with a deposit to create a common fund (closed and private) to be traded by a Trader Manager for educational purposes. Such amount has not to be detrimental to the members family life and for 2020 it has been decided in the amount of one thousand euro only, to be bond for one year. The Club Trader is not liable for any loss related to the Trading activity of these funds, because trading will be performed for educational purposes only and not as a Financial activity. Vice-versa, profit from trading will be redistributed between the Club, The Trader (performance fee) and the Member. 


The organization shall strive to foster among the members to understand, appreciate and practice the principle of a cautious and in a medium-long term fruitful financial trading, through a proper Technical analysis based decision and proper Money management.





Classes of membership

Section 1.

The individual membership of this club may be divided into Six classifications: Founders, Trailblazer, Supporters, Contributing, Associates, Regular. 

The Founders are the persons who decided to create this Club, founded it and paid all the software, infrastructural, legal and marketing expenses. They are rewarded with a life membership, the Office positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer and the right to vote.

The Trailblazers are those persons who believed in this project, deciding to participate in a significant way with a contribution bigger than a specific amount, decided by the Founders. They have the right to attend and to contribute in the Club Committee and the General Assembly Meeting, but without voting right. 

The other memberships are for those who want to participate to the Club Trading life and courses, with the right to attend the General Assembly Meeting, without the voting right.


Club Governance

Section 2.

For the avoidance of doubt and the sake of clarity, we hereby confirm that Founders only have voting right, in order to modify this Statute, to accept or reject new members, to expel old members, to call the General Assembly, to summon the Committee and to regulate the day-by-day Club’s life. We understand that this approach does not necessarily correspond with what most people consider as “representative democracy”, but this Club does not want to be a place to exercise political rights; we are an educational forum. The Club governance must be responsive to educational requests as well as to fast market fluctuation, being the same Club dealing with the common deposit for the benefits of the members. 


Membership Composition 

Section 3.

All individual members of this club shall be at least 18 years of age. No person shall be excluded from individual membership in, or from any program or activity of, this club because of age (except those persons under 18 years of age), race, colour, creed, gender, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, so long as the individual, through his or her own effort, is able to participate in the program. However, the addendum of standard club options (hereafter referred to as the “Addendum”) under the constitution may provide for other restrictions on the composition of the individual membership, e.g., to the employees of a particular company or agency, residents of a specific community, or people sharing a special interest. 


Admission to Membership 

Section 4.

This club is a private association, and membership herein shall be by invitation only. 

The Club (The membership Committee) can refuse a new member without justification.

Any individual member may sponsor an eligible prospective individual member, and invite him or her to join this club. Application for individual membership shall be made on the form provided by the Web Site. Such application, accompanied by the new member fee and applicable dues, shall be returned to the club President, who shall declare elected to individual membership upon the favourable vote of the Officers of this club present and voting at a business meeting or Club Committee meeting. 


Member Responsibilities 

Section 5.

All active individual members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this club, and all individual members shall share in its responsibilities. These responsibilities shall include support of its purposes and constructive contribution to its program and activities.


Discipline/Expel/Suspend/Decline to Renew Membership 

Section 6.

This club may establish, from time to time, routine procedures for dropping individual members who fail to pay club dues, who miss a certain number of meetings, or who fall below other minimum standards as determined by the club. This club may discipline, expel, suspend, or decline to renew club membership of any individual member 

  • Who does not support this club’s purposes 
  • Who does not constructively contribute to this club’s program and activities 
  • Who acts in a manner inconsistent with standards of conduct set by this club. Such standards include ethical, moral, and other standards of conduct that may be established or modified by the Club Committee from time to time. 

This club shall follow such policy and protocol, containing standards and procedures for the continuation of individual members. 

This club can expel an individual member for violations of The Matrix standards of conduct, after a written request to cease and desist from such violations. In the case of expulsion, all the Club bonus to the Member will be deleted and distributed to all the other members.

Any individual member can decide to withdraw his or her membership from The Club at any moment. His or Her funds (Deposit + Bonus Available) will be refunded at the end of the bond period.


New Member Fees

Section 7.

The new member fee for individual membership in this club shall be as stated in the Addendum. Such fee shall be payable when an individual membership application is filed with the club secretary through the Web Site. The fee shall be returned if the application is not accepted. Immediately upon acceptance of a new individual member, the club secretary shall notify the new member to be received into this club. 


Club Dues 

Section 8.

The dues of this club for active and pending individual members shall be as stated in the Addendum. Such dues shall be payable in advance at such time as this club shall designate. Dues shall be paid by all individual members and by the dates specified to maintain individual membership in this club.


Club obligation

Section 9.

The obligation of this club for active individual members (aka The Bonus) shall be as stated in the Addendum. Such obligations shall be payable in advance at such time as this club shall designate. Obligations shall be paid to all individual members and by the dates specified in the Addendum. The Club accepts and adopts the Cerberus AM LTD Member's Compliance and Risk Management Manual, reported for simplicity also on the Matrix website.


Separate Legal Entity 

Section 10.

This Club, also in not incorporated, is an independent entity, subject only to the express terms and conditions of affiliation stated in this constitution. As such, this club is fully responsible for its own debts, liabilities, and other obligations, and any creditor of this club shall look only to the assets of this club for payment, and not to any other officer, nor to any individual member of this club


The Bonus

Section 11.

The Bonus, as defined in the Article 1.  remains for members only. If someone leaves the Club or is expelled from it, they can recover their capital, but they lose the right to the Bonus. Member position is not transferable and in the event of leaving the Club, the position is automatically transferred to the Founders. If a member dies, the capital and the Bonus is immediately returned to the heirs and the position is taken over by the Founders.




Activities undertaken will be done to promote education, courses, speakers, writers, and shared live trading activities among the members. Members shall be encouraged to appreciate the value of a proper Risk Management and the evaluation of Investments opportunities. The information-sharing will be through the Club Web site (, a private Facebook Group and a private Telegram Channel.




The list of officers of the organization includes President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. An officer shall hold office for five years from the fate of his selection or shall hold office until his respective successor has been duly elected and qualified. In the event or in the resignation or inability of any officer except that of the President, the Founders shall elect a successor to the vacant position for the duration of the term.



Election of the officer of the organization shall be held on the Assembly General Meeting, to be held yearly. 



The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Club

The Vice president shall assist the President in the latter's absence and shall assume the powers vested in the President in case of President inability.

The Secretary shall be the custodian of all the Club’s documents; The secretary shall record the minutes of all the meetings of the club

The Treasurer shall have the following duties

  1. To have an annual accounting of the expenses incurred by the organization and to render a complete report of the organization during a meeting
  2. To serve as a custodian of the money and property of the organization
  3. To collect all contributions from the members of the club
  4. To prepares and release appropriate information concerning the organization and its activities and shall maintain contacts among members
  5. To trade the common funds of the Club, without any personal liability



For special projects and activities that will be undertaken and sponsored by the Club, registration fees will be used



Upon dissolution of the Club, any surplus of the Club shall be distributed to those who were members of the Club at the time of dissolution, in proportion to paid-in deposit.



This Constitution and bylaws may be amended by the  votes of those present for that purpose



President: Dr. Walter Fontanini

Vice President: TBA

Treasurer: Cerberus AM LTD




As illustrated in the Last General Assembly, held in Budapest the last January 13th 2020, for the year 2020 the maximum Bonus that can be distributed from the Matrix is the 0,78%. 

The minimum deposit to become a member of the Club is decided to be 1.000 euros (One Thousand euro) and the administrative fee in twenty-five euros. 

More details in the next General Assembly or in the Club website.